Your website is often a potential client’s first experience of your brand. It sets the tone for what a prospect can expect to see and feel should they engage you. Great websites should delight and inspire, deliver an effortless user experience on any device and encourage optimal conversions throughout. If it’s done well, your website won’t just look great and be a pleasure to use, it will actually drive conversions, increase customer engagement and turn leads into clients.


  • Custom WordPress CMS website

  • 10 new pages (8 page templates)

  • 1 email campaign


  • Design

  • WordPress website development

  • Copywriting 

  • On page SEO

  • Keyword research

  • Technical SEO:

    • Migration: redirect old URLs to new URLs

    • 404 pages

    • 301 redirects

    • Google Analytics set up with your website

  • Project management 

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

  • Connect your website to:

  • One email marketing campaign (design, copywriting and setup)

  • In person or video tutorial on how to update your website with accompany video and written documentation


  • Website performance monitoring for one year

  • SSL Certificate

  • 15 stock images from Adobe Stock

Starts from $20,000 +GST (AUD)