There’s more to social media than your brand having a presence. A social media strategy researches your audience to identify the most suitable channels, and analyses what your competitors are doing. It defines achievable marketing goals for your business needs, then sets out a plan of action. The strategy includes what kind of content to create in line with your brand, where to deploy it and when. Carefully crafted and timed social media posts and advertisements can build brand awareness in your market, create engagement with potential clients, generate sales, nurture existing clients and build lasting customer loyalty. It can also help position you as a brand leader in your market. Combined with the use of data and analytics, a social media strategy can improve your ROI.

Regular social media posts or ads are great ways to announce special events, new services or introduce a new brand. At Tout Creative, we carefully design social media posts or ads with your logo, an image and text to fit all digital specifications across all social media platforms relevant to your brand. They can be an effective way to target your audience, without requiring a big media spend. It’s also easy to monitor their effectiveness with analytics tools.

Tout Creative’s copywriters understand social media platforms and their respective word counts or character limits. So they carefully select just the right words to work with a relevant image for your posts.

Contributing informative, well-written posts to social media communities on relevant Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn groups or Twitter streams can provide a platform for you to be seen as a ‘brand leader’ in your field and help draw in new business.

Don’t have a social media presence? Not sure if Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn or Google+ is the right channel for your business? Find out how we can develop a social media strategy and content plan as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Strategy starts from $5,000 +GST (AUD)

Ongoing marketing campaigns, design, copywriting, starts from $1,000 +GST (AUD) per month